Rage Truckmount

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Product Overview

Getting started in carpet cleaning? Need to expand your business at a lower cost? The Rage is the right choice! Features premium components, durable construction and the state-of-the art engineering for performance and reliability. Cerakote treatment on exhaust components reduces truckmount and van interior temps.


  • Space-saving narrow profile: At only 17 inches wide, the Rage is almost half the width of comparable models.
  • Adjustable solution pressure up to 1000 PSI for hard surface cleaning and light pressure washing.
  • Easy to operate and maintain - achieve excellent cleaning even with inexperienced operators.


  • Console with removable shrouds
  • Waste tank with automatic shut-off
  • 100 ft. - 2" vacuum hose with connectors
  • 100 ft. - 1/4" I.D. high pressure solution hose w/ quick connect
  • 50 ft. - water supply hose w/ quick connect
  • 12” Low Profile 4-jet titanium wand (67-082) and Glide (67-085)
  • 5 gallon chemical jug and holder
  • Group 24 battery box (battery not included)
  • Vehicle-specific fuel installation kits sold separately
  • All units include Legend Reward points. End customer must establish a rewards account and register their machine for warranty online to receive points.


Power plant:  18 HP air-cooled Kohler gasoline engine operating at 3000 RPM.
Solution pump:  General TX1810S17 delivering up to 1000 psi and up to 2.7 GPM at 1488 RPM. Includes solution pump clutch.
Blower:  Dual-lobe, oil lubricated dual-splash positive displacement blower. Vacuum flows up to 13 in. Hg.
Chemical injection system:  Last-step chemical injection.
Waste tank:  90 gal. (340 L) 0.1875 in. marine-grade aluminum.
Frame construction:  0.125 in. × 2 in. powder-coated aluminum box tubing.
Heat exchanger:  Single stage finned tube coil.
Vacuum port:  Single 2 in.
Weight:  520 lbs. | 236 kg (console)
160 lbs. | 73 kg (waste tank)
858 lbs. | 389 kg (complete kit)
Dimensions:  Console (W × H × D): 17 × 36 × 39 in. | 43.2 × 91 × 99 cm
Legend Rewards:
8,000 points